Our May 2016 production is to be

London Suite
by Neil Simon

Directed by

Ainslie Yardley


Dot Ward

This is another of Neil Simon's offerings of four short plays unconnected except for the location in which they occur - in this case a hotel suite in a London Hotel overlooking Hyde Park.

The four plays are

Settling Accounts
Going Home
Diana and Sydney
The Man on the Floor

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Settling Accounts
Brian Cronin is a successful (and drunk) Welsh writer and his agent is Billy Fox.
Billy has apparently just been caught by Brian in the process of absconding with all the money from Brian's account and a justifiably angry (and unjustifiably hand-gun armed) Brian has just caught up with Billy at this hotel as Billy is attempting to leave the country.
Billy expounds on his reasons (to be to Brian's benefit) in wilder and more and more unbelievable detail

Going Home
Sharon and Lauren Semple are mother and daughter in London on a shopping trip.
Sharon is trying to convince her mother to go on a date with an elderly and rich scotsman.
Lauren has strong reservations about this.

Diana and Sydney
Diana and Sydney are a divorced couple.
Diana is an aging but successful actress and Sydney is now living with his male lover.
Sydney is approaching Diana claiming that he badly needs significant money to help pay for the medical treatment of his partner who is suffering from severe illness.

The Man on the Floor
Mark and Anne Ferris are an American couple who are in London for the Wimbledon championships.
Their plans are put on hold when Anne loses their tickets and then Mark's back gives out.
The doctor called in to treat Mark proves to be somewhat of a liability when his back gives out too, and meanwhile the staff of the hotel are trying to evict Mark and Anne from the suite in which they have been accidentally installed as the genuine guest for the suite, Kevin Costner, needs it now

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