Our November 2015 production is to be

The School for Scandal
by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Directed by Tania M. C. Lewis

The School for Scandal

Richard Brinsley Sheridan's 'The School for Scandal' is the story of one woman's quest to destroy the relationship of two characters.

Lady Sneerwell, is plotting the emotional destruction of Charles Surface and Maria.
Lady Sneerwell and her friends gossip and fill their time by entertaining themselves with slander.

A parallel plot about the marriage between Sir Peter and his young, innocent wife, whom he currently is having doubts about adds extra hilarity.
Sir Peter believes that his wife, Lady Teazle, is too childish, spending money lavishly without reason.
Lady Teazle might wish her husband dead, but what will she do in the mean time?

Add to the mix a moneylender named Moses and the surprise visit by an Uncle from a distant land and who can guess what chaos will ensue?

By the end of 'The School for Scandal,' everyone gets their just desserts; but since all is not as it seems in the first place who will get their happy ending?

An 18th Century comedy romp that will keep you laughing for the next 250 years.

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Are you interested in Joining the Glenbrook Players Group?

Would you like to take part in this production?

Glenbrook Players Inc. will be holding Auditions for "The School for Scandal" in the side hall of the Theatre on Thursday 06/08/2015 at 8:00pm.
All interested persons are invited to attend.
The the intention is to cast the production and select the backstage, technical and Front of House staff necessary to support a complete professional quality production.

So if you are interested in any facet of live theatre and wish to be involved please come to the Auditions.

We will be delighted to welcome you.

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Character List

Charles Surface Young bachelor, extravagant, dissipated, at heart a good and generous person
Joseph Surface Young bachelor, simulates an honorable gentlemen, a double-dealing scoundrel
Maria Desirable and wealthy young ward of Sir Peter Teazle. a woman of principle who refuses to gossip
Sir Peter Teazle Upright gentleman of about age fifty
Lady Teazle Young wife of Sir Peter
Lady Sneerwell Young widow of a knight, a scheming gossip
Snake Cat's paw of Lady Sneerwell spreading false rumors
Sir Oliver Surface Wealthy uncle of Charles and Joseph Surface, recently returned from East Indies
Mrs. Candour Prolific gossip
Sir Benjamin Backbite Annoying young man who is pursuing Maria
Old Crabtree Backbite's uncle and a tale-bearer
Rowley Helpful servant and friend of Sir Peter Teazle
Careless Rowdy friend of Charles Surface
Sir Harry Bumper Friend of Charles Surface
Trip Servant of Charles Surface
William Servant of Joseph Surface
Moses Moneylender
Mr. Stanley Dublin merchant ruined by business reversals, related to Charles and Joseph Surface

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Performance Dates for this show will be

Friday 13th November 2015 8:00pm
Saturday 14th November 2015 2:00pm
Saturday 14th November 2015 8:00pm
Friday 20th November 2015 8:00pm
Saturday 21st November 2015 2:00pm
Saturday 21st November 2015 8:00pm

Prices for this show are as follows

Fri 13 Nov
8pm Adults $25
children/students  $22
Sat 14 Nov
2pm All $22
Sat 14 Nov
8pm Adults $25
children/students  $22
Fri 20 Nov
8pm Adults $25
children/students  $22
Sat 21 Nov
2pm All $22
Sat 21 Nov
8pm Adults $25
children/students  $22

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Our plays can be seen at the Glenbrook Theatre.
Corner of Ross Street
Great Western Highway, Glenbrook

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We also perform on occasion at other locations.
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